Take Part in the Civil Defense Drill on August 20th
□ What is the civil defense drill? ○ Civil defense drill refers to a series of activities conducted in order to protect..

Monday . August 11. 2014

MOSPA Held a Briefing Session on the Upcoming 2014 Public Service Forum
The Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOSPA) invited foreign diplomats based in Seoul to the Seoul Governm..

Thursday . March 27. 2014

Korea ranked 1st place once again in the United Nations E-Government Survey 2012
The United Nations Public Administration Programme has announced the launch of its “E-Government Survey 2012: E-Governme..

Wednesday . February 29. 2012

Maintenance of the Four Major Rivers needs KRW 240 billion a year, just 10% that..
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs decided to execute the annual commitment with KRW 240 billion budget fo..

Tuesday . September06. 2011

Korea Today

'Nongak' added to UNESCO list
Exuberant sounds, dizzily swinging heads and colorful parades are a common scene associated with nongak, a form of tradi..

Friday . November 28. 2014

Cross-country exploration, part 2: Tongyeong and its 12 traditional crafts
"My family has been in this line of work for four generations, turning bamboo and reeds into works of art through months..

Thursday . November 27. 2014

Cross-country exploration, part 1: Tongyeong, a city of military, music and the ..
Tongyeong, a southern coastal city of Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang Province), is known for having been the childho..

Wednesday . November 26. 2014

French animator draws Korea
People walk fast around central Seoul. They take the subway as they go about the city. They walk peacefully along the pa..

Monday . November 24. 2014

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Briefing Session on the 2014 UN Public Service Forum 이미지
Briefing Session on the 2014 UN Public S..
Thursday . April 17. 2014


Multilingual Monthly News Bulletin_Nov 2014 이미지
Multilingual Monthly News Bulletin_Nov 2..
Wednesday . November 26. 2014