Korea-ASEAN Ministers Gathered to Discuss Public Governance
The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs of the Republic of Korea, headed by Minister Chong, Jong-sup,..

Friday . January 02. 2015

Take Part in the Civil Defense Drill on August 20th
□ What is the civil defense drill? ○ Civil defense drill refers to a series of activities conducted in order to protect..

Monday . August 11. 2014

MOSPA Held a Briefing Session on the Upcoming 2014 Public Service Forum
The Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOSPA) invited foreign diplomats based in Seoul to the Seoul Governm..

Thursday . March 27. 2014

Korea ranked 1st place once again in the United Nations E-Government Survey 2012
The United Nations Public Administration Programme has announced the launch of its “E-Government Survey 2012: E-Governme..

Wednesday . February 29. 2012

Korea Today

Spring arrives on Gwanaksan Mountain
Spring is in the air across the mountains and fields. Growing buds can be found everywhere, after hiding during the long..

Friday . March 27. 2015

'Pippi Longstocking' invites you to fairy tale world
A Swedish children's television show created quite a sensation worldwide when it was first broadcast in 1969. The show..

Thursday . March 26. 2015

Rice transformation: Noryangjin's Cup Rice Alley
It's a worldwide phenomenon that new cultures form where youngsters gather to hang out or to live. In Seoul, for example..

Wednesday . March 25. 2015

Orchestra festival welcomes spring
Eighteen orchestras from across the nation are offering a feast of classical music this April. They will all play in the..

Tuesday . March 24. 2015

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ASEAN-ROK Ministerial Roundtable and Exhibition on Public Governance 이미지
ASEAN-ROK Ministerial Roundtable and Exh..
Friday . January 02. 2015


Multilingual Monthly News Bulletin - Feb 2015 이미지
Multilingual Monthly News Bulletin - Feb..
Friday . February 27. 2015