Take Part in the Civil Defense Drill on August 20th
□ What is the civil defense drill? ○ Civil defense drill refers to a series of activities conducted in order to protect..

Monday . August 11. 2014

MOSPA Held a Briefing Session on the Upcoming 2014 Public Service Forum
The Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOSPA) invited foreign diplomats based in Seoul to the Seoul Governm..

Thursday . March 27. 2014

Korea ranked 1st place once again in the United Nations E-Government Survey 2012
The United Nations Public Administration Programme has announced the launch of its “E-Government Survey 2012: E-Governme..

Wednesday . February 29. 2012

Maintenance of the Four Major Rivers needs KRW 240 billion a year, just 10% that..
Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs decided to execute the annual commitment with KRW 240 billion budget fo..

Tuesday . September06. 2011

Korea Today

Regional gov'ts present pontiff with small gifts
City and provincial governments and many individual citizens have presented Pope Francis with small gifts prepared with ..

Monday . August 18. 2014

Pope Francis arrives in Korea
The pope disembarked from the plane with a bright smile and received a wreath from two children wearing Hanbok, Korea's ..

Thursday . August 14. 2014

Papal visit to spread message of peace, reconciliation to the world
“I hope the message from Pope Francis of reconciliation, peace and unity can reach the world and go beyond the Korean Pe..

Wednesday . August 13. 2014

Students unite for a feast of the humanities
A group of university students has recently gathered from across the globe to enjoy an international humanities-focused ..

Tuesday . August 12. 2014