Minister Chong to Enhance LAC-ROK Cooperation
Renowned as the first country in the world to transition itself from an aid recipient to a donor, the Republic of Korea ..

Monday . May 11. 2015

MOGAHA to Promote Good Governance in Africa
Minister Chong, Jong-sup of Government Administration and Home Affairs embarked on a journey to promote the public admin..

Wednesday . May 06. 2015

Korea-ASEAN Ministers Gathered to Discuss Public Governance
The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs of the Republic of Korea, headed by Minister Chong, Jong-sup,..

Friday . January 02. 2015

Take Part in the Civil Defense Drill on August 20th
□ What is the civil defense drill? ○ Civil defense drill refers to a series of activities conducted in order to protect..

Monday . August 11. 2014

Korea Today

Foreign press visits DMZ peace-keeping troops
Roars louder than thunder are everywhere. A tank raises a cloud of dust after firing and hitting its designated target..

Thursday . May 21. 2015

Gwanju Universiade torch lit in Paris
The torch for the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade has been lit in Paris. A ceremony for the Gwangju Universiade torch..

Wednesday . May 20. 2015

Korea, Myanmar celebrate 40 years of bilateral ties
President Park Geun-hye and President Thein Sein, her Myanmar counterpart, exchanged letters of congratulations in celeb..

Tuesday . May 19. 2015

Stanford Univ. scholars ask Japanese prime minister to apologize
"Feelings of deep remorse," for its colonial rule and aggression, and asking for, "forgiveness," from the women, in part..

Monday . May 18. 2015